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About Me

I started this vlog five years ago, in twenty eleven, when I sensed a gap in the online broadcast industry in Dubai. We live in a city that refuses to recede when it comes to a calendar full of events. My aim is to share with you a byte of those happenings.

Dubai in a Frame is about capturing any movement in the city that grabs my attention enough to leave whatever it is I am doing at that moment, and find a way to seize it. Those movements are in the field of beauty, fashion, cars, spas, food and celebrities, from around the world, that grace our developing city.

Being in Dubai and escaping the luxe life is a bit tough. I keep getting from peers and posses all the time that I should have ‘a niche on the vlog’. My retort? A lady can love her cars as much as she loves her moisturizer and make up! This vlogger is a sincere skincare and make up junkie.

I am happy to say that Dubai in a Frame has come to be known as the go-to video blog, or a video journal as I like to call it, of a city that transcends its own panorama every day. Currently, the vlog is enjoyed and read by people from 54 countries, with the majority rising from the Middle East, India, Europe and Australia.

The demographics that Dubai in a Frame caters to are women and men in the age group of 12 to 60 years of age, with an interest in knowing the happenings of this city as well as the latest trends in fashion beauty and hospitality.

If you see something here that you find noteworthy, that leaves an impression on you, please share it with others.

In a world of citizen journalism and the current climate of online popular culture, laden with so much information, I am hoping that you pit stop on my video journal, for a long time and keep coming back!

–Shweta Dembla