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Hibachi at Roda Al Bustan


Hibachi at Roda Al Bustan is a Japanese eatery that was earlier marketed as a Teppanyaki joint.

As I entered Roda Al Bustan, the olfactory took me to old Dubai. What they say about scents and smells transporting you to a particularspace / place isn’t untrue.

Many memories of partying during college and hanging out with family at weddings at this hotel cropped up in my head. Walking over to Hibachi helped me re-live those memories, albeit for a few moments.

I was warmly welcomed by the hostess at the said restaurant who took us to our table after my friend arrived. We were offered drinks, some welcome startes by the Chef, after which we were asked to divulge into our menus.

What followed was a whole lot of sushi, tempuras, Teppinyakis and tofu.

A meal for two from the a la carte menu would be around AED 450- AED 500 including one alcoholic beverage. I definitely recommend going to Hibachi if you want to visit one of the older hotels in Dubai, for some decent Teppanyaki / modern Japanese food.





  1. Jagriti Singh May 24, 2018

    What I enjoy about restaurants these days is that they give a different experience of combining cultures and special cuisine in one serving and make it their own! That’s exactly what I got from Hibachi. Upon arriving in the restaurant, the cherry blossom tree gladly welcomed us. Hibachi is a good catch because of the food process is very well arranged and thought of.

    1. shwetadembla July 10, 2018

      I agree Jagriti. However some places are too overrated as well dont you think?