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Cucina Mia at JBR Dubai


Cucina Mia, located right at the beginning of the JBR (Jumeirah Beach Residence) walk, opposite the Le Royal Meridien Hotel, is an Italian restaurant that prides itself on serving one of the best Pizzas in town. Available for delivery as well, Cucina Mia has various locations from JBR to the Greens to Dubai marina, JLT and more. To view a list of the locations, click here.

I had a chat with the Chef at Cucina Mia about what makes is pizzas so special. You can see what he says in his video below. It’s amazing to know though that the dough used for the pizza is 80 percent water, which is easier to digest than most other pizzas he says, is what makes it tastier too! Who knew right?

Coming to the food. So, as I always say, the thing about Italian food is that that starters is bread and yummy bread at that, like fresh from the oven, perfectly seasoned, with vinegar and olive oil. So how can you not STUFF UP? And then you are full after the starters! #thestruggleisreal

Anywho, we started with shrimps, potatoes and cheese rolls. That is it, we were already happy and good to go. Little did we know!

Then came in the yummiest Pizza I have had in a while, served with some 4 different kinds of sauces in Spaghetti, like 4 pastas servings / dishes. Different people, different tastes you know. We all dug into each other’s dishes and had a good feast.

After various burps and breaks, we finally got some of the stuff to go and decided to get some fresh fruits and a strawberry sorbet for dessert. We just had to skip the heavy choco desserts. It wasn’t possible to….

I particularly enjoyed the strawberry sorbet. I highly recommend along with Cucina Mia for it’s Pizzas.

Bon Appetite!