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Makan @ Roda Al Bustan


A few things can beat having (any kind of) street food at a fancy restaurant. Imagine then how we felt having our favorite Indian street food chat, like Paani Puris, Bhel and Dosas delivered straight to our table served with some Cider!

That was at Makan restaurant at Roda Al Bustan. Wining and dining with an old friend over these yummy treats is what my kind of a weekend is made up of.

Thursdays at Makan opens up to it’s next door neighbor, Bambooda restaurant, which is a Thai restaurant. This eatery was previously called Bennihannas. Old Dubai-zens would know this. Hence, the theme Bombay to Bangkok. Sheer Delight! For me as I love both cuisines. My friend, however, gorgeed on the Indian delicacies.

We started off with Chaat (Indian street food) followed by Thai starters and finally finished with some Thai curries.

Dessert was ice cream and as always, by that time, we were bloating. The delights of buffets!

Do visit this place on a Thursday if you like Indian, Thai and Arabic cuisines (Cold Mezzehs which are pretty much available in most buffets in Dubai).




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