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Splash AW 2017 with Lebanese Sensation Myriam Fares


I am going to say it, even if it sounds corny. Splash always does manage to make a splash whether it is with it’s elaborate theatrical sets, super famous brand Ambassadors, super famous models, or it’s uniquely decorated models and choreography.

This time, for it’s AW 2017 show, the brand chose to have one of it’s many Ambassadors, Lebanese Singer Myriam Fares meet her fans and talk to the media.

Here is what she has to say: (note how she sweetly prompts this reporter to start the interview)




CEO of the Landmark Group and Head of Splash Fashions Mr. Raza Beig spoke to DIAF about fashion, choosing ambassadors for his brands and how even though online shopping is changing buying habits, it’s still about brick and mortar for people in the UAE:



Myriam Fares posing for pictures with her young fans:



Post the Fashion show ambiance:



Some fun Boomerangs that I could not resist posting: