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Enissa Anti Ageing Products from France


Again, at the BWME 2017, I came across Enissa, Anti Ageing creams from France.

I had the pleasure of meeting with the Founder of the brand, Hajer Artigue, a graduate engineer from Ecole Centrale de Paris, who has worked on microalgae all her life.

In 2014, Hajer created ALGOBIOTECH, a biotechnology company whose ambition is to explore and develop assets derived from microalgae to develop innovative products in the food, therapeutic and now, cosmetic sectors.

At France’s first biotechnology cluster, Génopole in Evry, ALGOBIOTECH succeeded in lifting the technical locks associated with the use of microalgae extracts in cos  metic formulations.

The result? Enissa. An anto ageing skincare brand that uses algae (to put it simply) to restore the skin’s condition.

Hajer Artigue speaks in her native language :




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