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Thai Chi at the Wafi Pyramids needs no introduction. One of the oldest and still the most ‘go-to restaurant’ for Chinese and Thai food in Dubai, Thai Chi also comes up in initial search results when ‘Thai or Chinese restaurants in Dubai’ is entered.

I took my folks, visiting from the States, to Thai Chi a couple of weeks ago. What I like about it, obviously, is the fact that they do both Chinese and Thai Food, in one restaurant.

We started with the most popular dish on the menu, and possibly what the said restaurant is known for – the Papaya Salad. It was spicy hot but so yum!

We then moved on to the mains with the usual Green Thai curry, Chicken in a sweet soy sauce with cashew nuts, Chicken and Veg fried rice &Hakka Noodles.

I recommend almost all of the dishes from the Papaya Salad starters to the Thai Green Curry.




Thai Chi is located in Wafi Pyramids, which is part of the Wafi Mall.