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Miyako – Japanese cuisine


Another dining experience that totally took me back my good old Dubai (young) days spent in this City.

Located in the Hyatt Regency, Deira, where I used to take ice skating lessons while in school, this trip to the hotel with my family took me back in time. And, what memories!

Miyako comes across as a simple Japanese eatery that is serious about it’s food. You have the traditional Japanese seating area (in the video) which is not aiming to be fancy or anything. Then, you have the regular seating area as well.

For those of us that don’t know how to use chopsticks, Miyako has the ones with the elastic band at the end. Nifty!

Take at look at the place in pictures and a virtual tour of the restaurant:




I personally loved the dessert and my drinks. Of course, the food is good too, but after you have stuffed yourself silly and you still want to devour dessert, that says a lot about it.

My fav from the menu has to be the Mixed platter sushi, the Khimchi (amongst the four of us, I finished the whole thing!) and the Veg Fried Noodles.

This vlogger definitely recommends this restaurant for its simple yet clean decor and good Japanese food.

Miyako is located at the Haytt Regency Dubai.