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What a lovely ‘old Dubai feel’ I got when I entered the JA Jebel Ali Golf Resort, a feeling I still remember.

My (friend’s) ride to the hotel was so 2016, but the reflection of the hotel, so 1990’s, and I loved it. Totally took me back in time.

The Jebel Ali Golf Resort, one of the oldest resorts in Dubai, hosted my friend and I at Captain’s Bar, an outdoor restaurant at the hotel.

The bucolic surrounds, together with a colorful wooded rooftop of the restaurant, made for a rather refreshing outing, one that was minus the lights and sounds of today’s Dubai.



Coming to the food. My Chicken Salad for starters, along with my Welcome Drink and the dessert made me a happy camper.

My friend had the Quinoa Salad which she relished, and her tri-flavored ice cream. It was exactly like the ones we used to devour when we were growing up. “Remember those plastic tubs of ice cream we used to get at the supermarkets back in the day?” said I. Well, we still get it, but that feeling of eating ice cream on a school night is what brought the memories forward.

If you like alfresco dining, right off the beach, want to experience how a hotel used to look and feel like in Dubai in the 1990’s, plus experience some outdoor activities (like water Polo, the Shooting Club, Bird Watching) at the resort, stop by the Captain’s Bar for a drink and some starters.


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