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The red chilli peppered popcorn! I cannot tell you how much that made my day. I am not sure if that is a very Indian thing, but I remember having them on our trips only to India. I could never find it here. You have the cheese popcorn, the Caramel popcorn, but never have I seen red chilli peppered pop corn.


Red Chilli peppered popcorn

Red Chilli peppered popcorn


The Keep Calm and Curry On nights at the Eloquent Elephant Restobar, Taj Dubai, was mainly enjoyed by my companion and I because of it’s starters.

My wonderful friend was an hour late, so I pretty much gorged on the popcorn for that amount of time.

Then came that yummy Thai-spiced chicken cracker; the sauce that went with it was divine.


Thai-spiced chicken cracker

Thai-spiced chicken cracker


Then came the seafood wontons with Curried coconut. Another yummy starter.


Seafood wontons with Curried Coconut

Seafood wontons with Curried Coconut


We also had the Edamame and a salad before the actual Keep Calm and Curry On main course.




For mains, we had the Chicken Tikka Masala, Goan Fish Curry, Vegatable Korma and Rice.

I personally enjoyed the starters, and that is what I highly recommend you get on your visit to the Eloquent Elephant, Taj Dubai.


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