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House of Pizza


Our drive to House of Pizza was a combination of gossip and a little bit of confusion resulting in a certain amount of nervousness.

Gossip because I was catching up with my high school bud. Nervousness because we were terribly late and lost.

The location, Golden Mile, The Palm is not an easy place to find, despite our GPS trying to help us, as you know The Palm always has cones, barriers and detours which means one wrong turn, and the next u-turn is a mile away!

House of Pizza definitely caters only to the neighboring buildings on the Palm, and mostly take outs.

Coming to the food, well, this pizza joint offers a quick meal that doesn’t necessarily savor your palette, but does the job of satiating your hunger.

We were asked to order some Pizzas and pasta, recommended by Hischam, the owner. I insisted on ordering some salad as well, as I wanted to get a holistic idea of the food taste.

I got the Chicken Fajita Pizza while my girlfriend ordered the House of Pizza special.


House of Pizza speacial

House of Pizza speacial


I did enjoy my nachos and salsa though, along with my Chicken Fajita Pizza. The pasta was just okay.

Oh what I did get introduced to was some yum sauce, called Poutine gravy. Now, that was probably the highlight of my meal! So, Poutine can be lathered on anything from fries, to pastas, to vegetables. It is essentially a brown gravy made form corn flour, chicken / beef broth, butter, some garlic, all purpose corn flour, pepper and water.


Poutine on Fries


My Salad

My Salad


Watch what owner Hicham has to say about his restaurant, House of Pizza:





The location of House of Pizza can be found here.





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