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Ever wondered who designs the Olympic trophies?


Ever wondered who designs the Olympic trophies? The award that these athletes hold in their hands means just about everything to them. To you and me, perhaps, it’s only a object to admire or look at when the deserving sports(wo)men receive it.

To them, it represents their whole life, their immense hard work that they put into years of training!

Czech company Lasvit is the producer of Olympic trophies. These trophies were designed by and will be personally launched by Gabriela Koukalová, a double Olympic medalist in biathlon.

In addition to the medals, all Czech winners from the summer Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, will receive a unique glass trophy.

The Lasvit glassmaking company has solid experience with the production of trophies, sculptures and awards. This year the company produced trophies for the world famous Tour de France bicycle race as well.




LASVIT, a glassmaking and design company, produces bespoke lighting installations, glass art works and glass architectural elements, combining traditional Bohemian glassmaking with modern technologies and designs. The company was founded in 2007 by Leon Jakimič and it is based in the Czech Republic.