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Givenchy’s latest SS 2016 offerings


Givenchy’s latest SS 2016 offerings seems timeless and has easy-to-use textures.




The Poudre Bonne Mine is a talc-free formula, a baked gel, with no excess powder, which showcases colour. This new-generation technology aims to give rise to a lighter texture with no visual substance effect.

Now comes the primer – Mister Radiant Bronzer and Mister Radiant Primer. Rich in moisturizing agents, this water-saturated gel can be applied as an invigorating massage to freshen the face and soften the skin. It aims to deliver a natural healthy glow effect. Its tinted beads, which burst under the fingertips, diffuse a customized bronzing effect.

They can be used before foundation or before the usual powder, depending on the skin tone.

Tip: To densify their colored effect, leave to dry and repeat applications.

These products are designed for both women and men.
The third version, Mister Radiant Blush, concentrates pink and pearlescent beads into the same moisturising gel for a “pinky” glow.

Tip: To facilitate application, apply the gel to the hand to break the beads and reveal the colour, while controlling its intensity. Then, diffuse it by massaging it into the cheekbones.





Cushion Kiss – what a name for a gloss – is a nourishing and plumping gloss balm that enhances the lips.