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La Corvete Products from France


Made with vegetable oils only, no paraben, no animal fat, this liquid Marseille soap contains glycerine too. Marseille soaps, boiled in a cauldron, is one of the last remaining soap factories in Marseille, France, that still uses the traditional expertise of a Maître Savonnier.

I came across the La Corvette (as in not the car brand name) brand at the Beauty World Middle East 2016 a couple of weeks ago, at the French Pavilion.



In 2015, the La Corvette range was re branded to give it a more contemporary look. It combines the Marseille tradition with modernity through a range of authentic products that care for your body and home, many of which are Ecocert-certified. It is a response to today’s values – a return both to natural, environmentally friendly practices and to authentic products made in France.








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