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KENZO KI has come out with it’s latest Serum + Mask.

Using Hyaluronic Acid, which is naturally present in our body for its powerful moisturizing action , teh mask is created to penetrate deeper into the skin for optimum hydration. A duo of white flowers Lily of the Valley and White Lily has aslo been added to the formula.




What does the Mask contain?

White Lotus plant essence + Hyaluronic Acid  + Lily of the Valley + White Lily

  • The Kenzoki Serum En Masque is made of bio cellulose, which by its very composition is a naturally hydrophilic material.
  • Secondly, the White Lotus Plant Essence concentrate. The White Lotus is said to have a soothing power, which is meant to preserve the skin from free radicals*

*in vitro tests

What does it promise to do?

The face looks plumped up and springy in 20 minutes flat and it is meant for all skins longing for hydration and radiance. The recommened usage is 2 to 3 times a week.

I cant wait to try it, a review on it soon!




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