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Dr. Azad Moopen, Chairman and Managing Director, of Aster DM Healthcare, his daughter, Alisha Moopen, and Indian Cricket living Legend Sachin Tendulkar addressed the press at a conference on Aster Online, their latest venture.

Seen here is Dr. Azad Moopen talking about Aster Online and how we can use it:



How does Aster online work and how is it different from other websites?



Dr. Moopen on the digital world and how healthcare is behind in that regard:



Sachin Tendulkar on Technology:



Lastly, Alisha Moopen, Daughter of Dr. Azad Moopen talking about the latest venture, asteronline.com:




Dr. Moopen presenting an award to Sachin Tendulkar


To shop at Aster online, visit www.asteronline.com