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Dusty’s Dubai – review


Dusty’s Dubai, located at The Al Fattan Currency House, DIFC aims to be a deli by day, grape bar by night and everything in between. The venue offers its guests breakfast, lunch, and dinner and has a to-go counter replete with sandwiches, salads and fruits.

When you enter Dusty’s, the mix of different traditions and cultures intentioned into the design and ambiance is evident. I had the chance to meet the owner of the restaurant, Mr. Dusty Tourani, who says that the menu and the decor of the restaurant is a true reflection of himself, which is inspired by his travels from around the world.



Usually, in order to claim the title of a successful eatery, all you need to make the cut is a good atmosphere, great service and great food. Simple. That is all you essentially require. Then there are always those fancy trimmings like the best in-house deejay, the best bar, the best outdoor area and so on. But, if you get the food right, you will most certainly have people coming back for more.

Dusty’s tick marks the basics, and that for me is good enough to consider it a decent night about town. Oh! The company needs to be A+ too.

I wanted to make the most of the cool weather we have right now, opting to dine alfresco at Dusty’s open terrace, but my friend wanted to dine inside and soak in the live music. That turned out to be a good idea, as the terrace was empty. We went on a Monday, but if you go on a Tuesday, I was told that the terrace is packed. It does give you a good view of the neighboring DIFC area, is surrounded by lush palm trees and water features that add a natural feel to the venue. The terrace could serve as a good break from the hustle and bustle of work life or a place for meetings meant for inspirational and creative thinking.



So, what to order at Dusty’s Dubai? Well, we started with the famous-highly-recommend-by-everyone, Burrata. It was recommended for a good reason. It melts in your mouth and is very flavoursome with the smoked green, red and yellow peppers. It proved to be a good start to our meal. Along with the Burrata, we had the Mini Crab Cakes. They both did not disappoint. The Tomato & Pesto Crostini was a bit bland though.


The Famous Burrata

The Famous Burrata


Crab Cakes

Crab Cakes


Tomato Cor

Tomato Crostini


Tiger Prawns

Tiger Prawns


Over to the mains. I had to order the Black Cod, a favourite of Dusty himself. My friend went cuckoo over the cod. She wants you all to know that the Black Cod she had sets a standard for any future Black Cod orders she makes, as this was her first time trying it. It was delish no doubt. You know, that makes me wonder how hard it must be to get that same, consistent taste time and again. Kudos to the Chef!


Black Cod

Black Cod



I really wanted to order the Grilled Lobster for my mains and the Lobster Taco for starters, but my party-pooper friend went on about a ‘no wasting food routine.’ After grumbling for a bit, I agreed. What we ordered was too much anyway.

Along with the Black Cod for mains, we ordered the Mushroom Risotto, which was bang on in taste, chunks size of the mushroom and the thickness of the gravy. How can I not order a Penne Arabiatta while I can? Despite my friend wanting to throw her hands up in the air trying to convince me not to, I did, and I didn’t regret it. The sauce was rightly peppered with hot spices and tanginess, my favorite combo.

A side order of fries and two drinks later, my tummy refused to digest any more food. But no! That did not stop us from ordering dessert. Enter Chocolate Fondant. I want to say that the portion was not good enough for two (people) though. So, unlike me and my friend, if you are saving up for dessert, don’t share this one, order it for yourself.

Located in the heart of DIFC, Dusty’s is open all day to spoil your eating habits. I mean that in the nicest way. The terrace can be booked for private gatherings and can accommodate up to 80 persons sitting and 200 standing.



Dusty’s laid-back setting has something for everyone whether it’s just for drinks, breakfast, lunch or dinner.


Business Breakfast 7:30-11:00

Business Lunch 12:00- 15:30

Opening Hours

Sunday to Thursday

Kitchen: 7.30am – 11pm

Bar:  7.30am – 12am


7pm to 11pm


Al Fattan Currency House, DIFC, Dubai


[email protected] | +971 4 354 5435



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