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Inspiring Encounters – Vloggers Taim Al Falasi & Shweta Dembla


Hi Guys!

I am really excited to tell you that I, along with popular Emirati YouTube sensation Taim Al Falasi, have been asked to do a workshop to impart our know-how about the world of vlogging. This work shop is a lead to a competition called Inspiring Encounters organized by Meeras Holding, the real Estate developer in Dubai.

The competition requires you to make a video within the premises of The Beach in 60 secs or less! The idea is to ‘inspire’ the viewer in that amount of time.

So Taim and I are going to talk about our experiences from vlogging for so long, and advise the participants of the competition on what is Digital Story telling, do’s and dont’s of making a video, how they can make their best video for this competition, and so on.




The competition starts tomorrow and ends on the 6th of March. I am also part of the judging panel with Taim to decide on the winner.

Watch this space! *excited*


  1. Cecilia March 23, 2016

    Hello, I’m editing my last video, and I really would love to send it to your attention to partecipate to the competition… i see just now that the last days to can submit the video terminated the beginning of march, there is a chance I can still send it to you?
    Best regards,
    Cecilia Maricel

    1. shwetadembla March 27, 2016

      Sure 🙂