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One of the oldest and most cherished spas in Dubai, Sensasia Urban Spa opened it’s first door at The Village Mall. The brainchild of Salina Handa, the spa is still one of the best and most popular spas in the city.

It comes up in searches, has some of the best reviews and it boasts of good therapists.

For those reading my blog and ramblings, you know that I love anything that constitutes ‘old Dubai’; be it restaurants, bars, malls, even spas. Sensasia Urban Spa opened in the early 2000’s and we can agree that Dubai was not this developed then. There was no ‘New Dubai’ for there to be an old one. Hence, this spa evokes a nostalgic feeling of ‘old Dubai’, for that is when it was born.

Today, Sensasia spas have a couple of branches across the city. Naturally, I requested to visit the oldest branch – at The Village Mall.

I got the Seoul to Sole ( how witty, really! ) massage. For those who didn’t get it, it is a Foot Massage and I also got a Hand Massage ( there is a proper title for it but I am unable to find it, even on their website ).

So, what I appreciated about the said spa is that, unlike other spas, if you tell them that ‘this is what I really want because I will feel very relaxed’, they will ensure that it is done.

Again, for those who have been reading my blog will know that I have been vocal about how disappointing it is, sometimes, to have to tell a spa therapist that this is what I really want, that it will make me happy, but they are unable to do it because they are trained to massage in a certain way and cover certain body parts all in one go! Very few therapists and spas actually ‘pamper’ you and do exactly what you ask them to.

Thank you Sensasia. I guess I made my point, and I am sure you are happy reading this!

A virtual tour of the spa:




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