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Givenchy’s Festive 2015 collection


Givenchy is out with their festive collection. And boy are we excited! Especially for the latest fragrance called Live Irrésistible. Having tried the previous edition(s), I am so looking forward to this one.

So, Live Irrésistible is a new interpretation of Irrésistible Rose, the fragrance that was released last year.

The fragrance is spicy-fruity-floral. American actress Amanda Seyfried is the muse for the Very Irrésistible line, which has top notes of pineapple, mid notes, the delicacy of rose petals and Jamaican allspice berries, followed by end notes of amber and musk.

Composed by Dominique Ropion (interview below), Live Irrésistible is a cocktail of flowers, fruits and spices.

The other make up that piques our interest is the colorful mascara (I finally have the courage to play with colored mascara) and the Le Soin Mask and lotions.



We get you a Q&A with Dominique Ropion, Senior Perfumer, IFF VP, Senior Perfumer:

You have made some truly great perfumes. What are your sources of inspiration?
I’m attracted by a new raw ingredient or a rarely-used note in which I find a new facet, I get hooked on a unique accord that I discover while working with a chef or aromaticians. Then I craft it with texture, effects of volume and contrast… For the Very Irrésistible fragrances, from the Eau de Toilette launched in 2003 to Live Irrésistible that Givenchy is unveiling today, rose has always been the starting point and an essential source of inspiration for me. I work by pairing it with unexpected ingredients such as star anise for the Eau de Toilette, plum for the Intense version and allspice for Live Irrésistible; it then reveals unique and unprecedented facets. My inspiration also comes from this quest for innovation through original duos that bring new angles to traditional raw ingredients in perfumery.

From 2003 to the present day, how has the Irrésistible rose been part of your work as a perfumer?

Rose is a very precious raw ingredient. With its many facets – green, honeyed, powdery, fruity, delicate petals, etc. – and a character that is both strong and delicate, it lends itself to all the olfactory families and allows perfumers to twist it or reinterpret it in a thousand different ways. It is a raw ingredient that I really love. My relationship with rose can be expressed through my experience with Very Irrésistible and that of the story that is beginning today with Live Irrésistible.


Live Irrésistible is a spicy fruity floral. It is bold and unexpected.Do you think this is merely a fleeting fad or a trend that has a long-term future?

Fruity notes are very popular at the moment, but what really characterises this fragrance is the unexpected twist of these fruity notes with the allspice. Live Irrésistible was created to bring something new, to incite a real addiction and offer originality while becoming a lasting element in the Very Irrésistible line’s history.