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City’s Skin Solution, skin exposed to everyday pollutants, train the skin to develop a defense mechanism to fight these pollutants in our everyday lives…

These are some of the phrases that Givenchy’s latest innovation – Givenchy Vax’In for Youth City Skin Solution D-Tox Serum – has on it’s packaging.

Seriously, I never thought so much about how much damage pollution can cause to your face, until I read about the D-Tox Serum City Skin Solution by Givenchy. You always think the sun, the food, the hormones in your body, the stress are the agitating factors for bad skin, not so much pollution. Like that is what the tabloids tell you all the time about skin maintenance – eat right, stay away from the sun etc.

So, Givenchy’s latest offering is essentially a detox for your face – as the product says, ‘D-Tox Serum’.



Every day, skin is exposed to multiple pollutants all over the world. Dull complexion, rough skin and open pores. These are all signs that your skin is under attack from invisible environmental aggressions, causing premature ageing of the skin. Here’s what you probably didn’t read in the tabloids:

Your skin is directly exposed to pollution everytime you step out of your house and suffers the most from its toxic effects. Among the sources identified, specialists have divided these pollutants into two categories – “primary” pollutants, ones that mostly generate carbon oxides, nitrogen, sulphur and hydrocarbons, while “secondary” pollutants are not released into the atmosphere directly and occur as a result of chemical reactions between gases (ozone and nitrogen dioxide).

The impact of ozone pollution on skin is currently the most documented, as we all know. But, this combined with other pollutants, leads to a series of damaging effects on skin.

Although, the ozone doesn’t penetrate skin cells, it immediately interacts with lipids in the stratum corneum and forms aggressive particles known as free radicals. Different environmental stresses lead to oxidative stress in the skin tissues and stimulate the release of pro-in­flammatory mediators. Ozone also reduces the levels of vitamin E and C, the skin’s natural anti-oxidants found in the stratum corneum. 

Did you guys know that?

Givenchy’s Vax’In for Youth CitySkin Solution is especially formulated to care for urban skin, one of the biggest concerns for 21st century women. It aims to restore vitality for youthful-looking skin.

So, what the scientific jargon means:

Vax’In for Youth CitySkin Solution targets the effects of pollution and promises to boost skin rejuvenation. The ingredients that are in this serum:

– The StoPollution Complex. It traps and partly neutralizes pollutants from various sources to help protect against the toxic effects of pollution and prevent skin damage. This promises to block 50% of damage caused by ozone.

– The Vax’in For Youth Complex. This ingredient strengthens the skin’s self-defense and auto-repair mechanisms thanks to the synthesis of a very specialised protein, HSP 70.

After 6 hours, the production of HSP 70 increases by 24%.

The desired result?

Skin is rejuvenated and feels naturally protected against the signs of ageing. The grey veil is lifted leaving a healthier, brighter and more youthful-looking glow.


We had one of our lucky friends try the serum and here is what she had to say:

“I am currently trying the serum and I have seen a change in the appearance of my skin, it is smoother and more relaxed-looking, if that makes any sense.

The open pores are less visible and after reading about the product prior, every time I put it on, I feel like I am protecting my skin from the harsh pollution that we face everyday. It’s like wearing sun block, only pollution block.

The serum is fragrance-free, which works well for me, as I am slightly intolerant to strong scents. It also gets on smoothly with it’s extremely light texture, which makes me feel that it is penetrating well into my skin.

I have been applying it every morning before I head out for about 15 days now. Thank you DIAF !”

Givenchy is available at Paris Gallery, Harvey Nichols and Bloomingdale’s in Dubai.


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