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Lebanese restaurant Flooka, located at The Dubai Marine Beach Resort & Spa, was pretty full when I got there.

It was paella (seafood) night and all I ate was a whole lot of bread, tasty fish hummus and tons of salad! No regrets.

But first, I have to tell you about the surreal ‘Old Dubai’ feel that I get every time I go to the Dubai Marine Beach Resort & Spa. One of the first resorts to have opened in Dubai, it is home to the famous Sho Chos (Japanese Restaurant & Bar) and has been entertaining Dubai’s social set since the late nineties.



What to order?

  • Plain and / fish Hummus
  • Moutabel
  • Lots and lots of fresh bread (just yum even by itself)
  • Crab salad
  • Lobster

I have to mention that you must go there during the winter months when Dubai is al fresco-dining friendly. The weather, sand, sea and the mini-garden next to the restaurant are a must soak.

The Dubai Marine Beach Resort & Spa is located on the Jumeirah Beach Road. Call 04-346111 for reservations.



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