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The spa at the Pullman Hotel, Soma spa, Deira City Center, pampered me with a long foot massage. I mention this as I was booked in for a Body Massage, but I asked the therapist to focus just on my feet as I have a weakness for foot massages.

She obliged. Let me tell you, I have asked for this many times, but somehow all the therapists slowly get back to the ‘body massage!’

The Soma spa has an open pool on the terrace of the hotel along with a mini lounge area, where you can snack or do a sheesha. There is also a bar in the same area.

It is not a huge spa, but the service is personal and warm. There is a ladies salon that is part of the Soma spa, thereby, giving their in-house guests a one-stop shop for all their grooming needs.


The view of the Deira Creek from the salon, attached to the Soma spa


The Gym at the Soma Spa


The outdoor lounge, part of the Soma spa, Pullman Hotel, Deira City Centre


Phytomer – the product used at the Soma spa


Phytomer products

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Soma spa is located at the Pullman Hotel, Deira City Center.


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