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I can still feel the perfect weather, the fragrance of the miso soup and remember the fabulous conversation that I had with the fam jam at Tomo a few weeks ago. It was Dad’s birthday and Tomo, the fancy Japanese restaurant at Raffles Dubai, was kind enough to accommodate my family for the occasion.

That the restaurant boasts stunning views of the city’s ever changing skyline has been highlighted by bloggers and journos alike, in the last few weeks.

What I want to highlight is that it is perhaps Old (side of) Dubai’s best kept secret, when it comes to stunning ambiance for outdoor drinks and nibbles. Maybe the video above is not able to give you the clearest idea of how good the ambiance of the restaurant is, as it is a dimly-lit outlet. And, I forgot my lights for the camera :(. Sorry about that.

But, trust this citizen reporter to tell you that it is a stylishly decorated restaurant that also has Japanese style seating outside.

The food was nice. Maybe, we ordered the wrong dishes. But imo, the Miso Soup, the Prawn Tempuras and the dessert were delish. But then again, we ordered so little as we were thoroughly enjoying the views of #MyDubai and the dinner table conversation.

Tomo is located at Raffles Hotel, Dubai.


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