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Usually, when I start a post with ‘So…’, it means that I am excited to tell you about what I am going to say!

So, I am excited to tell you guys about a new product that I have been using from Natura Bisse – Oxygen Perfecting Oil.

Before I say anything, I want to urge you to use it in your bathrooms, preferably in the bathtub after a shower, as it is an oil-based spray and it sprays all over, obviously. So you need to bear that in mind before you go spraying it onto yourself.


The luster that it leaves your skin with is pretty unbelievable.


Natura Bisse’s Perfecting Oil leaves your skin really supple and highly moisturized throughout the day. This dry oil absorbs quickly into your skin, giving it that healthy, shiny, glow as well. So, like imagine you have used a bronzer, but the effect is way more natural.

Stabilized Hydrogen Peroxide found in the oil transforms into oxygen and water when penetrated into the skin which brightens and purifies the skin without leaving an oily residue.

The benefits that I found using this amazing product is that it intensely hydrated and nourished my skin, giving it a toned look, thereby toning it as well. By the way guys, you can also use it for your hair.

What we love – It moisturizes the skin without leaving that greasy residue. Of course, in the bathtub it may leave its mark, but on your skin – where it matters – it works wonderfully.

How to use the Natura Bisse Oxygen perfecting Oil?

After showering, spray on the body. You can also blend it with your regular body cream and moisturize. Some people may like to use it prior to a shower as a conditioning treatment. But, I prefer to use it post a shower to make the most of the product, as it absorbs the goodness of the product fully.

Some others may also find it ideal for pre and post sunbathing to revitalize damaged skin.

Key Ingredients of the Natura Bisse Oxygen Perfecting Oil:

• Quinoa – High concentration of micronutrients, proteins, minerals and vitamins.
• Chia Oil – Tones and moisturizes skin.
• Spirulina Algae – Antioxidant; moisturizes and nourishes skin.
• Stabilized Hydrogen Peroxide – Transforms into pure oxygen and water up penetrating the skin; hydrates, brightens, purifies.
• Artichoke Extract – Helps to reduce fluid retention, removes toxins and reduces body volume and cellulite.
• Hydrogen Peroxide – Directly provides moisture and vitality to the skin.
• Vitamin E – Antioxidant, anti-inflammatory; moisturizes skin.
• Azulene – Provides anti-inflammatory effect.
• Organic Silicon – Stimulates collagen production, optimizes the healing process and improves microcirculation.
• Sunflower Oil – Moisturizing and emollient.
• Grape Seed Oil – Deeply nourishes the skin.

Info courtesy of the above is skin1.com.

Natura Bisse is available in Dubai at Harvey Nichols and Bloomingdale’s Dubai.


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