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Greeting ready for my Friday home spa time with Fuji Green Tea from The Body Shop. It smells cologne-y, fresh and clean. The new fragrance, Fuji Green Tea by The Body Shop, is available for a limited time only in stores across theUAE.


I did some research on Green Tea, and besides having benefits like anti-oxidants that are good for you, did you know that green tea is used for the treatment of diarrhea and food poisoning in Japan as a home remedy?

Some more facts about Green Tea, from the Fuji Mountains in Japan, where The Body Shop gets it’s latest collection:

The first attempt of green tea cultivation in Shizuoka dates back to the late 19th century when 200 samurais of the Tokugawa shogunate, who were clan headed by Kageki Chujo, began to cultivate green tea on the Makinohara plateau; green tea cultivation has been well established in Shizuoka since then.

– Courtesy – http://www.japanesetea.co.uk/health/

Image Courtesy: Beautiful Buns

Image Courtesy: Beautiful Buns

Image Courtesy: Paper Blog

Image Courtesy: Paper Blog

I particularly like the scrub from the Fuji Green Tea collection as I generally am a fan of body washes and body scrubs. The Cologne is too masculine, or unisex, for my taste.


Fuji Green Tea is available at The Body Shop until end of May 2015.


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