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Hydradiance Daylicare TERRY


This new quartet by TERRY embodies the potential of millions of Roses Native Cells with multiple rejuvenating and radiance boosting powers.

The four products are:
1. Hydradiance Serum – A Hydra Intensive Aqua Serum
2. Hydradiance Daily Care Aqua Balm
3. Hydradiance Eye Contour Aqua Care – to rescue Anti-Fatigue Radiance – Dark Circles and Puffiness and,
4. Hydradiance Resue Mask to provide Instant Smoothing – Radiance Booster Face and Eyes

The cream claims to have beneficial formulas that continuously and intensively provide the skin with water, light, strength and radiance.

These four daily treatments promise to moisturize, plump up, reveal clarity and fight fatigue, renewing dehydrated and lifeless skin.



What are Rose Native Cells?

They are the highest concentration of active ingredients that promise dramatically enhanced effectiveness. The BY TERRY research laboratories are able to extract Roses Native Cells with extraordinary properties and multiply them.

How does the lab extract Rose Native Cells?

By placing a leaf sample in a pure, uncontaminated environment that is suited to their development, the cells proliferate and grow, but maintain their structural integrity, thereby retaining 100% of their constituent elements.

BY TERRY has claimed to create a new complex called [MR+S] – Moist Radiance System – with Native Cells of White and Pastel Roses to enhance their moisturizing and radiance-activating properties. So,*1 mg is sufficient amount of Rose leaf necessary to obtain millions of Roses Native Cells.

*Application twice a day of Hydradiance Serum, Hydradiance Daylicare, Hydradiance Eye Contour, and application twice a week of Hydradiance Mask, for a month.

By Terry is available at Saks Fifth Avenue, Burjuman.