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China Grill. The place everyone’s was talking about when it opened. My friend and I had the chance to visit this Asian-inspired restaurant a few weeks ago.

Here’s what we thought.

As soon as you enter, the vibe is that of a bar. Well, that’s because the bar is at the entrance! The restaurant is located downstairs and whilst we were talking to our servitor, he informed us that it gets quite busy during the Friday brunches.

We were specifically asked to try the ‘Banana in a Box’ for dessert – a video on the presentation of the dessert dish and more about that later.

Onto the food – IMO, the food at the China Grill,over all was just about okay. I suppose people go there more for a drink and to enjoy a party ambiance.

We were served a variety of starters and some main course. But, I enjoyed the crab dumplings the most, and my companion, the Donuts.

Donuts. Yes that is what they are called!

Donuts. Yes that is what they are called! The filling is crab meat with mayo.

Crab Dumpling

Crab Dumpling

The food kept on coming in and we reached a point where we decided against the mains.  It was then time to give into the sugar craving. For dessert, we had what came highly recommended – Banana in a Box, which is the restaurant’s version of the chocolate fondant, and Cheesecake Lollies. Watch the video of the theatrics that is performed while serving Banana in a Box:

What I thought could have been different about the serving of the dish was maybe an option minus the theatrics with the alcohol. So, if you watch the video you will see that Rum (the spirit) is used to flame the dish, just to create a show. That is all great and we enjoyed it.

What my companion didn’t enjoy was the fact that she could not even taste the dish as she maintains abstinence from alcohol. So, perhaps the same dish minus the alcohol for some? Just a suggestion to the folks at the restaurant!

China Grill Dubai is located at The Westin, Mina Seyahi. For table reservations, call, 04-5117333.


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  1. John Seo June 3, 2015

    This is very testy! I love china grill!