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First, I have to share the before(R) and after(L) image with you guys of our model that got the treatment done on her feet:


Of course, you have to maintain your feet by regular pedicures to maintain these results. The Lavender Peel at The Nail Spa starts with a ‘Callus Eliminator’ which is applied to the dry and callous affected area, and scrubbed silly!

Step 1:

IMG_20150220_185644_1 IMG_20150220_185659_1

Step 2:

The Lavender mask is applied and the feet are wrapped in cling film:

IMG_20150220_185801_1 IMG_20150220_185813_1 IMG_20150220_185820_1 IMG_20150220_185828_1 IMG_20150220_185833_1 IMG_20150220_190022_1

This left for about 10 minutes before the film is taken off and then thoroughly scrubbed again.

Step 4:

Your feet are scrubbed with the lavender sugar scrub.

IMG_20150220_194156_1 IMG_20150220_194209_1

Step 5:

The luxurious Lavender cream is applied to your feet and you are indulged in a massage. The result are show-off ready heels, moisturized and groomed!

IMG_20150220_195537_1 IMG_20150220_202456_1

The Nail Spa is located at many spots in Dubai. To view store locators, click here.


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