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Le Classique at the Emirates Golf Club is a French restaurant boasting spectacular views of the Dubai golf course.

Nestled in the midst of freshly cut expanses of grass at the Emirates Gold Club, Le Classique’s menu consisted of a variety of cheeses, desserts and set menus for mains.

We started off with sushi and salad.


I remember being so hungry – since I had saved up for this meal all day – that I could not bear to separate the peas from the beans (pictured below) as I severely dislike peas! I had to wash it down with some sushi, heavily dipped in soy sauce. haha!

After that, we went for the cheeses on display. Mind you, cheese and crackers are a deadly combo if not eaten in moderation. The Brillat Savarin was addictive with the mildly-salted crackers.



Brillat Savarin

Brillat Savarin

The mains were okay. I enjoyed my salad and the cheese / crackers so much that the less flavorful mains did not really bother me much.

Le Classique is a French restaurant and French food is not supposed to have too many flavors. Perhaps, I was expecting it to have many flavors.

So, if your taste buds like a basically cooked Sea Bass with a hint of salt & pepper or beef cooked med-rare with just a wee bit of sauce, then this is your kind of place to dine at.

Besides that, Le Classique has spectacular views of the Emirates Golf Course and the soups, oh did I mention my soup? My Onion and Chive soup was yum!

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Le Classique is located at the Emirates Golf Course, Emirates Hills.



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