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One thing that really stuck with me from the Salman Khan – PNG jewelers press conference is what he said about easily reading people’s faces who are past the age of 30 years.

Upon being asked by one of the media at the press con on why he chose to team up with Pune-based PNG jewelers, he went on to say that when he met with the owners, he got a feeling of, ‘these are nice people, honest people.’ He further went on to explain his stance on how easy it is to figure someone out past the age of 30-35 years, because by then your facial lines and expressions pretty much sum up who you are as a person – nice, naughty, honest, vindictive etc.

Although, that brought a smile to some and sniggers on some other people’s faces at the press con, it kind of made sense. As after crossing the third decade, most people come to peace with who they are and what they are all about.

The press conference had it’s many moments of laughter as well.

Watch the videos:

Salman Khan turns jewellery designer? Watch the videos to find out:

Salman Khan in splits of laughter at a Dubai press conference PNG jewellers:


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