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Yataghan Jewellery


She is a Photographer and a Jewellery designer. Meet Sarah Abudawood, Founder and designer of Yataghan Jewellery. I had just got back from a short getaway the day before I met Sarah and I was eagerly waiting to devour some creative inspiration or to encounter some creative stimuli. Sarah effortlessly and unknowingly, obliged. She tells us about her passion for jewellery-making and why she is inspired by architectural designs.

What does ‘Yataghan’ mean? Yataghan is a Turkish word that means ‘dagger’ – a piece of weaponry used in the Ottaman empire. So, the entire symbolism here is to fight for what you believe in, for your individuality. The hashtag aptly reads, #celebrate_your_individuality.

Yataghan offers custom-made jewellery and gift items for you and your loved ones. Watch Sarah tell you more about her brand:

The collection at a glance (click on the thumbnails to view the original size):

About Yataghan (click on the thumbnails to view the original size):

Log on to Yataghan’s Twitter page and Instagram to find out more about how you can get your hands on these pieces.