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Cantonese, Sichuan and popular Asian dishes takeaway (and dine-in) restaurant Red Star Wok delivered some tasty dishes to our home last week. I want to tell you what we thought about the food.

IMG_1916_1 IMG_1917_1

There were about 8 dishes that we ordered, varying from chicken, seafood to vegetarian, just to get a well-rounded idea of what the restaurant has to offer.

The wait was finally over after about half an hour of my brother arriving home with an empty stomach and bouts of excitement. Now, an empty stomach can be easy to please, but not with my bother. He has a keen, not to mention, trustworthy palette for good food.

He did start to binge while we waited for the food to arrive, but once it did, it was a case of me trying to get my wee bit of space, just to get some good shots of the food (for this piece), before it was either, (a) gone or (b) forked, spooned and hence, not shoot-worthy.

So, we started with the Crispy Prawns in wasabi sauce. So, this was a ‘hit’ I can tell you that. No, it wasn’t the empty stomach. Brother eats out a lot, so he knows good tasting food, decent tasting food, to really good food. I got that this one easily fit into the last option.

Did I like it? Well, that is hard to say. ‘Coz I never got to try it! It was gone, gone gone before I could download my food images!

Crispy Prawns in wasabi sauce

Crispy Prawns in Wasabi sauce

Black Pepper Chicken

Black Pepper Chicken

Next up, we tried the Black Pepepr Chicken. In order of popularity and taste, this came second on my bother’s and Dad’s ratings, if we had to rate by taste. I got to try this dish and I have to say that it was delish, especially with the veg fried rice.

IMG_1934_1 IMG_1935_1

Next up was the Prawn Toast. This one failed to impress as it was soaked in oil.


Prawn Toast

An important thing that I must mention is that whenever I visit Chinese / Asian restaurants here, for some reason, they use Basmati rice. Now, Basmati rice is usually grown and used in the sub-continent, i.e., India, Pakistan, Bangladesh etc, which suit the dishes made in those countries. To see that being served in a Chinese restaurant is disappointing. So, must I tell you that I was thrilled to see Basmati rice not being used, but the yummy Jasmine Rice.


I enjoyed the Schezwan Prawns as well. It had the right flavors of sweet, spicy and tangy to it. Brother agrees.

Schezwan Prawns

Schezwan Prawns

What to order?

  1. Definitely the Crispy Prawns in Wasabi Sauce
  2. Black Pepper Chicken
  3. For vegetarians, The Mixed vegetable in Black Bean Sauce is worth trying, as is the vegetarian fried rice which comes with lots of vegetables to relish. Not all Asian restaurants prepare it that way.


Red Star Wok has three locations in the UAE – two in Dubai (JLT and Business Bay) and one in RAK. For more info, visit http://www.redstarwok.com/







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