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Chips aficionados ‘hoy! The crunchy crisp brand Pringles® just debuted three new ‘outdoor’ flavors – Onion Rings, Smoked BBQ Peppers and Sweet Chilli Sauce in the Middle East. With the cool, chilly weather in full swing, these new flavors couldn’t have come at a better time. Food enthusiasts can indulge their taste buds while soaking up the outdoors.

Th next couple of weeks – the last few winter weeks in Dubai – will be jam-packed with exciting, fun-filled events from barbecues on the beach to day-long desert getaways. You can add these three new flavors by Pringles® to your expeditions.

Our personal fav is the Smoked Barbeque. The smoked flavor with the slight peppery twang leaves us happy.

Pringles® Sweet Chilli Sauce has a sharp fruity flavor fused with a chilli tingle and powerful Thai spices.


All three Pringles flavors are available at leading supermarkets in Dubai until March 2015.



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