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Sho Cho – one of Dubai’s oldest, and still most popular, Japanese restaurant and bar, has got the crowds (coming in), the good food and the superb ambiance, what with the beach within minutes of walking down the stairs of the restaurant?


My time at Sho Cho was a blast into the past. I remember the bar being the ‘it’ place to hang out during the early 2000’s. The concept of sushi had just made an entrance into Dubai at the time.

I want to tell you about the delish food that we had, in addition to enjoying some techy beats played by their local deejay.

A quick virtual tour of the place to give you a feel of what it is like:

For starters, we had the rock shrimp and various kinds of Sushi. Not to mention two bowls of edamame beans!

Rock Shrimp

Rock Shrimp




As if this wasn’t enough, we were spoiled with a lavish platter of sushi from the California Sushi roll to the cucumber Maki.


The mains were okay. When you go to a Sushi bar, you really go to enjoy your drinks, (tons of edamame) and, well, sushi.

Chicken Satay in Teriyaki sauce

Chicken Satay in Teriyaki sauce

And, our desserts…a platter of fresh fruits and some chocolate.


Should you visit? Of course, you must – if you like sushi, the outdoors, by the beach dining, house music playing (it can get a bit loud though as it is a bar cum restaurant) and if you want to just enjoy a couple of drinks and starters.

There is an inside area as well – a proper sit down restaurant if you prefer a quiet meal.

Sho Cho is located at the Dubai Marine Beach Resort & Spa in Jumeirah, Dubai.


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