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Petra Mueller, Founder of the Middle East Cats society (or ME cats for short) has a message for all you cat lovers.

No, it’s not just to adop-a-stray-cat type of endeavor. It’s for people who love animals so much that they are willing to invest money to help her set up a veterinary clinic to foster them, care for them and eventually find them a better home.

She houses as many as 50 plus cats in her home alone. What a feat. Help her help these lovely animals find a home. Watch what she has to say to you:

These cats have been fed well, they have been vaccinated and generally taken care of like a dear pet. Watch the videos below to see her house, that is filled with these furry lovelies:

How can you not want to help after watching this? If you want to make a donation or help by selecting your favorite feline, email Petra at [email protected] or visit their Facebook page here.