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Immortelle DIVINE Youth Oil by L’OCCITANE

L’OCCITANE Divine Youth Oil

L’OCCITANE Divine Youth Oil

Plant oils on your face. That can’t be too bad? The Divine Youth Oil, the latest creation from the L’OCCITANE laboratory, aims to nourish, plump, regenerate, restore, balance, energize, protect, relax and a lot more, to your skin. It combines seven plant oils, rich in essential elements, with anti-aging properties of immortelle essential oil that will help diminish and combat fine lines and wrinkles.

With its glass bottle and dropper applicator, the natural goodness comes right out with a gentle press at the top of the applicator.

I noticed that my skin reacted quite well to this oil. Although, I have started using it on my hands first. It’s fine, light texture gently sinks in, leaving nothing behind but a non-oily finish. So, I do not have to worry about messing up my sheets with traces of oil.

I love the way it has made my hands smoother and more supple. The lines around the eyes are next and I am sure it won’t disappoint.

The texture of the oil is light and non-greasy

The texture of the oil is light and non-greasy

The Divine Youth oil is part of the Imoortelle range by L'OCCITANE

The Divine Youth oil is part of the Immortelle range by L’OCCITANE

L’OCCITANE stores are present in major malls in the city.


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