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Sorry guys. I just could not resist with the title, even though there is nothing remotely Shakespearean about this post and the product – 2B.

2B Active’ and ‘2B Relaxed’ are two fruit-flavored carbonated drinks that were launched last week at the Armani hotel during an exclusive event along side the brand’s official ambassador celebrity, Nargis Fakhri.

The lightly carbonated, multifunctional fruit drinks are said to contain no artificial flavors, colors or preservatives.

Packaged in a 250ml can, 2B positions itself as a natural alternative to relax and / or refresh. For those who want an energy boost, there is 2B active, and for those who want to relax, there is 2B relaxed. As the product’s brand ambassador aptly puts it, they are her ‘chill and thrill drinks.’

The drinks were developed by Dr. Armin Breinl, member of the Austrian Anti-Aging Society, with a formulation that features natural ingredients to promote health and well-being. Watch what Dr. Breinl has to say about his invention and why you should drink it.

Dr. Breinl asking International actress Nargis Fakhri about the drink, 2B and what she likes about it: