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Top image: Before using neuLASH Below image: After using neuLASH

Right! So, this post has taken me very long to talk about only because I wanted to be fully sure about whether the product works or not. You guys know and trust that I will only talk about products that work, or will not mention it / do a blog post on it at all.

neuLASH. It…works. Although, it took a lot of time, for me. So, turns out that it depends from person to person how quickly it works. Just like hair growth, hair follicles and things like that.

Hair growth – depends from person to person, right. Why do some people have thicker, longer hair than others? Same principle extends to other parts of the body, where hair growth is concerned – eyelashes, eye brows etc.

As you can see from the ‘before’ pictures, I have skinny eyelashes. So, this means that my hair growth there is minimal. Which is perhaps why it took so long for neuLASH to work there.

All in all, it took about a month and a half for me to see actual results, i.e., my eye lash grow a bit.

How to use it?

You basically have to wear it on your eyelids, as if you were wearing a gel eyeliner, just on top of your lashes. Preferably, every night before going to bed, for a month, to see results. You have to be regular though.

The before an after show you a slight difference in my eyelashes. I can also tell the difference when I wear mascara. They are much more voluminous.

neuLASH eyelash enhancer is available in the UAE to purchase online at www.neulash.ae and at Salon Ink, Beach Park Plaza Centre, Jumeirah, Dubai. Contact:04 385 4402.

A 6ml container of neuLASH should last approximately 120-180 days, if used as directed. Retail price: 795.00 AED

A 3.2ml container of neuLASH should last approximately 60 -90 days, if used as directed. Retail Price: 455.00 AED


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  1. fae May 31, 2015

    i need the store location for neulash