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Dr. Shazia Ali tells you about how to tackle those skin issues

Dr. Shazia A Ali

Dr. Shazia A Ali

Always, the feminine care brand, launched Always Cottony Touch, the only feminine hygiene pad with soothing lotion, which protects intimate skin against irritations.

According to a recent study conducted online in January 2014 targeting female residents in KSA[1], more than 70% of women suffer from intimate skin irritations which make them feel uncomfortable during their menstruation cycle. 60% of those women describe their skin as sensitive with a tendency to irritations. According to the research, intimate skin irritation is the most challenging part of their menstruation cycle. In addition, a staggering 75% believe that adequate hygiene protection would enhance their comfort levels.

In line with this premise, Always, has created a range of Always Cottony Touch pads. tTese innovative pads are designed with a built-in special soothing lotion that helps to prevent and ease irritated intimate skin and moisturizes it to ensure that it remains soft and smooth even when prone to dampness during that time of the month.

[1]Research study conducted by VIVAKI MENA through an independent online consumer panel in KSA.

Dr. Shazia Ali, based in the Kingdom of Sauidi Arabia, was kind enough to do an interview with DIAF, to tell you about how you can protect and deal with intimate skin issues:

DIAF: What are some of the skin issues that women face?
Dr. Shazia Ali: Women with different sin types have different skin issues. In the old days we used to classify skin based on oil gland activity as Dry, Normal or oily. In the last decade or so extensive research has been done to understand skin in more depth and the old classification has been updated to include pigmentation and sensitivity aspects of skin. According to the new classification our skin can fall under any of the following types and sub-types.
• Dry
o Dry & Pigmented
o Dry, Pigmented and Sensitive
• Normal
o Normal & Pigmented
o Normal, Pigmented and Sensitive
• Oily/Combination
o Oily/Combination & Pigmented
o Oily/Combination, Pigmented and Sensitive
Some of the common skin issues that women with dry skin include:
• Lack luster, dry, and dull complexion
• Early inset of wrinkles and fine lines
• Pigmentation problems, melasma
• Skin irritations, and redness coupled with itching, burning
Some of the common skin issues that women with oily skin include:
• Acne, black heads, white heads, and open pores
• Post acne pigmentation and scarring, melasma
• Skin irritations, and redness coupled with itching, burning
Apart from these issues, most ladies in Middle East have complaints about skin irritation and hyperpigmentation in the sensitive areas along with elbows and knees.
DIAF: How can we prevent these issues?
Dr. Shazia A Ali: For issues related with skin dryness:
• Switch harsh soaps and detergents with gentle cleansers.
• Avoid hot showers or baths, as an extreme of heat dehydrates the skin.
• Hydrate and soothe your dry skin with rich moisturizing skincare products multiple times a day.
• Dry skin is more prone to early wrinkles and aging, so to keep your skins looking young and fresh start using antioxidant antiaging products early in life.
For issues related with skin oily skin
• Use salicylic acid based cleansers and toners to keep your skin blemish free and your pores refined and tight.
• Stay clear of heavy creams, makeup, and skincare products to avoid acne breakouts and blemishes. Use only products that are labeled oil-free.
• Drink plenty of water to flush toxins from your system.
• Eat fresh fruits and vegetables to keep your complexion clear.
• Avoid chocolates, sugars, carbohydrates and fast food in order to keep your oil glands calm.
• If you suffer from acne see a dermatologist to get early treatment and avoid scarring.
For issues related with pigmented skin
• Use Sunscreen everyday like a religion.
• Avoid direct exposure to sun during peak hours of UVA & B (10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.).
• Use a natural skin brightening skincare product twice daily to avoid pigmented patches and uneven complexion.
• Avoid friction and heat on areas like elbows and knees.
For issues related with sensitive skin
• Skip regular soap and use gentle cleansers formulated especially for sensitive skin.
• Built your skin barrier function by applying a moisturizer formulated especially to take care of sensitive skin
• Avoid extremes of temperatures (heat or cold), dust, sweating, perfumes, and chemical exposure.
• Wear natural fabrics like cotton to keep your skin calm and soothed
• For your feminine hygiene needs trust 100% cotton based products like “Always Cottony” which is formulated especially with added moisturizing lotion to protect and care for delicate and sensitive skin.





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    Skin diseases are always annoying. Good care must needed to throw away skin diseases.