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There were so many things running through my mind when I was talking a look at Swarovski’s SS 2014 collection at their press preview.

Who is the Swarovski consumer? Is it a possible replacement for people that cannot afford to wear diamonds in such lavish designs? Or is it someone that simply enjoys Swarovski’s designs? Maybe, it is someone who loves to flaunt the brand name? As, after all, Swarovski is a respectable brand name in itself. Maybe some designs cannot be carved from diamonds and only crystals, and Swarovski has them?

Maybe, it represents ‘high street jewelry’ design and people like that it is relatively affordable and fashionable at the same time! Either way, the brand’s success speaks loud and crystal clear!

I know I would wear Swarovski because of it’s unique and attractive designs. See below (you can either view the pictures in a list format or a slideshow format).

I have only the most unique pieces from the brand. The point I am trying to make here is that their designs are fab! Some of my favs from the SS 2014 collection:





[slideshow id=334 w=640 h=480]


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