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Olivia Boa

Olivia Boa

French artist Olivia Boa has developed two different artistic approaches to her work, with which she hopes to elicit two different types of perceptions and reactions in the viewer.

When she paints blindfolded, a technique she developed to explore the world of her blind son, Olivia lets go of the analysis of structures, forms and colors. Then, emotions and creativity fully and freely drive her work, which naturally appeals to the viewer’s right brain hemisphere, the emotional hemisphere.

When she paints eyes open, she meticulously analyses colors, structures and forms in the most minute details. She superimposes ‘pixels’ to her representations in order to add movement to her creations, in reference to particles in quantum physics which are always in motion.

Watch her tell you about her works when we met her at The Sofitel, Palm Jumeirah.

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