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The Masque-Creme Purifiant Doux by Nuxe has become a routine for cleansing my skin. I don’t mean deep cleansing, as for that you need either an exfoliant or a facial scrub.

The Masque-Creme Purifiant is a mask that just clears your skin of any impurities on the surface. Apply the mask onto a clean face (after washing your face with your regular face wash) and then leave it for about 10 minutes. Wash off and moisturize as per your routine.

The signs of a visibly ‘cleaner and clearer’ face are there for you to observe. I like the fact that Nuxe uses mainly natural ingredients like Rose Petals’ Floral Water and Rice Powder in this Mask.


This next product is my fav at the moment as I like anything that moisturizes your skin with ease.

You know how, especially in the Summer time you wear so many things on your face – your day cream, followed by your SPF care cream followed by make up etc? Your skin gets tormented by all that, not to mention the severe heat on it, which can totally suck the moisture out of it.

And, on top of all that, we scrub it as it’s mostly in the summer time, because of exposure to the heat and humidity, that we are susceptible to clogged pores. This makes our skin even more dry and his is perhaps, where the Masque Creme Fraiche by NUXE comes in.

I use it as a moisturizing mask, not so much as a cream. The instructions read, ‘Leave the mask on for 10 minutes and then gently massage the excess product in.’ I’m assuming that means to use it as a face moisturizer? I wash it off gently ensuring that some of the product stays on to keep the face moisturized.

After about a half an hour, I wear my regular moisturizer.

NUXE products are available at select pharmacies in the UAE, Al Manara Pharmacy at the Sunset Mall, Jumeirah, being one of them.



Masque Creme Fraiche (Cream Fresh Mask) by NUXE

Masque Creme Fraiche (Cream Fresh Mask) by NUXE


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