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That's my MugFace Mug! haha. I have rice paddy over my head!

That’s my Mugface Mug! haha. I have rice paddy over my head!

MUGFACE. What is it? Well, it is essentially a Mug with a mug shot or a funny shot of you on it!

Sara Naja, Co-Founder of MUGFACE spoke to DIAF about the concept and the brand:

DIAF: What is mugface all about, the latest genius idea in Dubai, in her own words?

Sara Naja: MUGFACE is an idea which evolved from a very popular figure in crafts class and at gadgets shops called – among many things – Grass Heads.

It used to break my heart to have to throw the little guys away – especially after naming them – once the grass experience is over. Every time I dispose of one of them, I feel a sort of emptiness as if nothing is left!

This is when MUGFACE started to hit me!

Light Bulb #1: The Mug

I wanted to replace the plastic container with something more useful, more durable which I could still use once the grass experience is over: a Mug.

Light Bulb #2: The Face

A Mug with grass coming out of it may have been a solution for the useless plastic but now little grass head lost the facial features! It could no longer be personified! “Let’s print a face on that mug” said a voice inside my head and this is how I was able to return the smile to the mug with a face and called it MUGFACE!

MUGFACE took an old product and made it new and personalized and unique for each MUGFACER (the owner of a MUGFACE). Once the grass experience is over they will always have that mug with their funny faces on them to drink from or use as pen holders for example or any of the other 100 things you can do with a mug!

MUGFACE is all about fun, being funny, getting social with it and spreading the joy! MUGFACERS will watch the grass grow as their own green hair and they will have the chance to style it in all these hairstyles their parents forbade them to do! They can share their styles on social media and that way engage every one of their friends with their MUGFACE.


MUGFACE is yet so much more than just a fun idea:

MUGFACE is a great learning tool for kids, it teaches them how to take care of a “live” thing and it is the perfect first step to getting a pet later on. It teaches patience (while waiting for the grass to grow) and discipline (to water as instructed) all while creating a fun mood for the kids to watch their hair go green!

MUGFACE is a great stress reliever at the office and at home as green is a cool color symbolizing nature, it represents tranquility and gives a calming effect this is why many women have green plants as centerpieces in their homes.

Green helps alleviate depression and anxiety, it gives a positive vibe on both the psychological and the physical level this is why you find it in many hospital rooms.

Moreover, the color green has proved to improve reading ability and this is perfect for a MUGFACE to be placed on the desks of students pulling an all-nighter and on the bed side of those heavy book readers before bedtime

To wrap this up, MUGFACE combines the fun of watching your hair go green, the discipline to take care of it and the positivity of the color green all in one cool package! And in the end you’ll always have the mug!

We have depicted the evolution of MUGFACE on our homepage under the “our story” tab if you would like to take a look at it especially that it highlights more visually the “genius” part Jwww.mugfaceme.com
DIAF: How is it different from the kiosks, for example, that sell personal photos printed on tees and mugs at the local mall?

Sara Naja: Anyone can print their face on a mug; that’s for sure. I’m gonna also go as far as saying they can get soil and grass, fill those mugs up with it and start watering. Believe me I have tried that! But this does not make a MUGAFCE. This will not even work, and even if it did, it will not last nor give the MUGFACE quality. Before launching, we spent months and months perfecting the ratio of the content of MUGFACE, finding the perfect soil and the perfect grass (among other secret contents). The testing phases took so long as we were aiming at making the grass grow healthy and in the shortest time possible (not bore the end user); keeping in mind that MUGFACERS might water them too much or too little, so we needed a formula which was robust to human miscalculations. We grabbed the best deals on the market to make sure that it would be cheaper to get the perfect product from us than to do it yourself. What seems like just soil and grass to you is in fact science for us.

Our main goal is to bring forth a perfected, ready-made, and affordable product for everyone to enjoy!
DIAF: Who is your target audience?

Sara Naja: MUGAFCE does not know age nor gender. I can see moms making baby souvenirs with the face of their new born and giving it away to friends. I can see kids at school with goofy faces on their MUGFACES and comparing them with their friends’ at school. I can see my colleagues at work, each having a MUGFACE on their desks to glance at when those targets and deadlines get hectic and then they would relax and smile for a while. I can see people giving each other a MUGFACE as gifts on special occasions. MUGFACE could also be used as a personalized corporate gift for a company’s clients – even those could use a laugh and some green!

MUGFACE is as versatile as you make it!

If I were to answer your question and limit it, I would say those who are young at heart, love life, appreciate a cute sense of humor and wanna be reminded of all that all day long!

DIAF: How do you plan to promote yourself?

Sara Naja: Grass starts with a pinch of dry seed, then it is given heat, water and love and in time it grows strong and green and it gets all the attention and appreciation it deserves.

What I am saying is that everything starts small and then it grows when given the right nurturing attention, when connecting with the right people – like you J – and getting a positive word of mouth, when using the available tools these days such as social media and the likes of it to speak with the right audience and then raise awareness. I would like to give a shout out for every person out there with a drop of fun in their veins and tell them: MUGFACE is coming to you wherever you are, I am going to make sure of that one way or another 😉

For those who would like to come to us first, our Facebook page is: www.facebook.com/Mugfaceme and our webpage is www.mugfaceme.com
DIAF: Do you plan to do this on an international level?

Sara Naja: How unfair to the world it would be to limit the fun to only this region! MUGFACE knows no geographical limits just like all the values that make up the brand. The team is only human so this is why we are starting by exploring the market around us now, but then again humans went to the moon and beyond and MUGFACE is planning at a later stage to expand internationally, slowly and surely however for the time being, we’re starting with Dubai and its neighboring countries and later on we will get Muggy (our mascot with his picture attached) a passport and fly him around to new lands to explore!

Sara Naja

Sara Naja








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