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Spa Dunya Reflexology Review



Spa Dunya has been the recipient of a few awards already. So, deciding on experiencing it wasn’t a tough choice to make. Getting there was!


Nestled in the concrete jungle of Jumeirah Beach Residence (JBR for short), Spa Dunya teases you to figure out where the spa actually is, especially when there is another spa in the vicinity. “Excuse me, do you live in this area?’ “Yes, yes I do” looking puzzled.

“Would you happen to know where Spa Dunya is?” said I. “Its right behind you” Ahhh! So, I walk into ‘a spa’ and the receptionist there gives me a flustered look, when I ask her if this is Spa Dunya. “Oh Madaam sorry I don’t know.” Of course!

So, I set on the treasure hunt again. This time I ask another friendly face and she finally tells me where it is. “You are in the right place” she calms me. I heaved a sigh of relief! (yes!). “Just go past that pool over there, and it’s on your left.”

I get there, late as I always am, even late(r).

The receptionist, nonetheless, greets me warmly and directs me to the changing room. All set for my reflexology treatment. I am excited and nervous at the same time. Is this the relaxing reflexology or the tickle-y, painful one I think to myself.

Well, lets just say it was a bitter sweet combo! You know, the bitter sweet pain you get when you get a foot massage? My therapist was just too endearing for words, she took very good care of me, and even gave me a polish at the end!

Spa Dunya’s, for those of you who haven’t visited, USP is the Color Experience.

Combining principles of aromatherapy and chromotherapy in its composition and using acupressure points, olfactory and massage in its delivery systems, the company has created its own futuristic spa concept called The Spa Dunya Color experience. To know more about the concept of the spa, click here.

So right before my massage, I was asked to pick two colors that I was instantly attracted to. I picked red and purple, which stands for vitality and energy respectively.

The Color chart at Spa Dunya

The Color chart at Spa Dunya

Based on the colors that I chose, my therapist chose the corresponding massage oils that she used on my for my treatment.

So, I recommend Spa Dunya to you, the reader, but maybe only for those that are closer to JBR. Unless, you are willing to make that drive from Bur Dubai.

Spa Dunya is located in Shams 1, The Walk, JBR. Call 04-4393669 for directions.

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