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Shimmer Cubes by The Body Shop

Shimmer Cubes by The Body Shop

These 4 Shimmer Cubes (love the name) by The Body Shop are packaged in a small square-sized tiny box in a bigger, square-sized tine box! Full marks to innovation, but in terms of functionality, it’s a little off the mark. It does not come with an applicator so you must use your fingers. Not that, that is a bad thing, it’s just good to have a choice, no?

Otherwise, the colors and the amount of shimmer is just right for this Spring.

See the cute little cubes?

See the cute little cubes?

The next item from the SS 2014 collection that we love is the Rose scented Lippy.


This gloss has a substantial amount of shimmer in it. We recommend wearing it as is, on bare lips. Applying it over a lip color might get too glossy and shimmery. Plus, you also run the risk of spilling the gloss over. But if you wear it as is, it looks great as it is pink-colored and shiny. Simple suggestions for a simple act?!

This gloss is available in pink and a beige / gold shade.

The Body Shop is located at The Dubai Mall and The Mall of the Emirates.

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