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Teint Couture by Givenchy


The Teint Couture fluid foundation by Givenchy refines the skin’s texture and conceals imperfections. It has a hydro-magnetic complex that moisturizes the skin’s cells and has an SPF 20 sunscreen.

I felt a definite softer feel on my skin after applying this foundation. It glides on the skin so smoothly that you hardly feel like you have anything on. That ‘gunky’ feeling that one usually gets after a few hours of foundation application is fortunately missing.

I tried on the Elegant Gold shade. I normally use ‘porcelain’ shades of foundation, so this was a nice, illuminating change.


Tip from the experts at Givenchy:

Smooth in four drops across the cheekbones to the temples, without neglecting the neck, for a lastingly clear, flawless complexion.

We so recommend this one for those who probably use a foundation daily. It is a tad expensive for daily use, but when you know that there is a product out there that is this good on and for your skin, there is little motivation to compromise we think.

Priced at AED 220, the Givenchy Teint Couture Foundation is available at Bloomingdale’s Dubai Mall.

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