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Turkuaz Spa


The Magical Mitten that cleanses the skin in a Turkish Hammam

The Magical Mitten that cleanses the skin in a Turkish Hammam

Those white mittens (pictured above) are the ones responsible for cleansing your skin and the main thing behind the ‘Hammam’ cleanse. The mitten is used to scrub off the all the dead skin, after splashing some water all over your body.  Allow us to introduce the uninitiated to the Turkish Hammam.

The Turkuaz Spa located in Jumeira 3, Dubai, offers all services that you require to look your best from top to bottom – hair, make up, mani, pedi, facials, and even bridal packages. I was invited to try the Turkish Hamman (translated literally, a Turkish Bath) at the said spa. This very lengthy bath ensures that you are scrubbed right until the last spec of dirt is off your body.

Everything that was used in the Turkish Hammam came from the country of it’s origin – right from the soap, to the cloth bag that makes the soap bubbles (pictured below).

Just to tell you how that works – the cloth bag is immersed and rubbed with a bar of soap. Once the bag becomes soapy, the therapist opens up the cloth bag blows some air into it and then squeezes out the bubbles (see below) and lathers you in it.

Science at play here was fun to watch – you blow some air into anything that has soap and it gives you bubbles. I found myself smiling every time the therapist made those bubbles!

Picture courtesy: http://www.branchen-info.net

Picture courtesy: http://www.branchen-info.net

For a limited time – this December, the spa is offering the Turkish Hammam – 60min – for AED 155 instead of AED 200.

Lale - the amazing Hair Stylist at Turkuaz Spa

Lale – Hair Stylist at Turkuaz Spa

Needless to mention, I was pampered silly here. I was treated to a hair cut and blow dry right after the Hammam. Lale, my hair dresses was very patient with my long, knotty hair.

Carlota - The Hamman Therapist, Turkuaz Spa

Carlota – The Hamman Therapist, Turkuaz Spa

A virtual tour of the Turkuaz Spa:

December 2013 offers at the spa:

1. Get a full Body Massage (60min) for AED140, plus Get Free Blow Dry.

2. When you book for Hair Color Roots or Full with Hair Cut you get a free Blow Dry & 2 Wella Hair Care Products of your choice.

3. There is a 30% discount on all Oxygen Facials

For reservations, call the spa at 043808703

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