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Pioneering women. Strong women. Visionary women. As erudite as they are elegant, as curious as they are sophisticated. Free women.  Ultra feminine women. Proud women.

Designers, artists, intellectuals, actresses and aristocrats: muses in love, women in power or dedicated to the theatre, these are the archetypal Fendi women in essence and in spirit, says the brand.

The new Fendi fragrance is a tribute to this woman who dares to break down barriers, codes and boundaries. An ode to all those generations of women with a significant aura, a memorable presence.

Rossa means red. Synonymous with grandeur and flamboyance. Rossa means Rome. In addition to Rossa there is also Acqua, meaning water, the source of life and symbol of femininity.

L’ACQUAROSSA: a name expressing the disturbing fusion of elements. “Red water” deep and dangerous, a love potion, burning-hot and forbidden, an exciter of passions.

L’ACQUAROSSA, the passionate red elixir for the great heroines of today.

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  1. Lata khanna December 12, 2013

    Wish to win.