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Osmoclean Pure Cleansing gel by Institut Esthederm


There is little to not like about this cleansing gel. That it is one of our fav skincare brands and we may be a little biased toward it, helps in giving it a good review.

The Osmoclean cleansing gel, we are told, is formulated with cellular water, which helps to restore the skin’s p.h. balance.


What we like about it:

Is the fact that it smells good. Who says that all good face washes have to have no fragrance at all? Sure, that is a sign of a relatively soap free face wash, but we like that the clear gel-like Osmoclean face wash smells as good as it cleans the skin.


That it removed 98 percent of all make up. I felt that I had to use a toner to remove just some left over gunk after washing my face.

We recommend for general, daily cleansing for day and night.


Institut Esthederm is available at the following pharmacies in Dubai:

Bin Sina, Boots, Manar, Scientific, Modern Elite, Bawadi, Khalifa, New Alain and Lulu Barsha.

The Osmoclean gel is priced at AED 155 for the 150 ml pack.

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